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Sweet Leaves LLC

Sweet Leaves Muscle Balm

Sweet Leaves Muscle Balm

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Introducing Sweet Leaves Pain Relief Hemp Oil Balm – a powerful fusion of nature's finest ingredients crafted to bring you targeted relief and comfort. Our specially formulated balm combines the healing properties of organic hemp oil, arnica, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, and organic essential oils to create a soothing experience like no other. 

Here's why our Pain Relief Hemp Oil Balm stands out:

Dynamic Duo of Hemp and Arnica: Harness the potent anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil and arnica to alleviate discomfort and ease soreness. This dynamic duo works synergistically to provide effective relief for tired muscles and joints.

Beeswax Barrier: Our balm features a protective layer of beeswax that not only seals in the goodness but also provides a comforting barrier against external elements. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to lasting hydration.

Coconut Oil Magic: Infused with nourishing coconut oil, our balm delivers deep moisturization, leaving your skin feeling supple and revitalized. Enjoy the natural benefits of coconut oil, known for its skin-loving properties.

Essential Oils Euphoria: Immerse yourself in the aromatic blend of essential oils carefully selected for their calming and therapeutic effects. Lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, bergamot, and tea tree create a sensory experience that complements the balm's soothing touch.

Fast-Acting Comfort: Our balm is designed for rapid absorption, ensuring that you experience quick and targeted relief where you need it most. Apply as needed, and let the natural ingredients work their magic.

Versatile and Convenient: Perfect for athletes, active individuals, or anyone seeking natural relief, our Pain Relief Hemp Oil Balm is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Keep it in your gym bag, purse, or desk drawer for on-the-go comfort.

Natural and Cruelty-Free: We take pride in using only natural ingredients and maintaining cruelty-free practices. Feel confident in choosing a product that cares for your well-being and the planet.

Elevate your pain relief experience with Sweet Leaves – where nature's best meets effective relief. 

Our hemp oil muscle balm offers a natural and effective solution for alleviating muscle soreness, promoting relaxation, and supporting overall physical well-being. With its blend of hemp oil and complementary ingredients, it represents a holistic approach to muscle care and recovery.

  • Each 2oz tin contains 2400mg of Whole Hemp Plant Oil <0.3% THC
  • Nourishing balm helps to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Variety of fragrance
  • Lab tested to ensure consistency and purity
  • Includes traces of minor or rare cannabinoids
  • Store at room temperature


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